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The South Dakota Legislature - LD22

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Welcome to SDPB's archive of LD 22

House Taxation

Senate Judiciary

House Health & Human Services

Senate Education

House Ag & Natural Resources

House Local Government

House Transportation

Senate Ag & Natural Resources

Senate Commerce & Energy

Joint Appropriations

House of Representatives


House Government and Operations

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Follow daily coverage of the legislature from SDPB Radio - their daily podcast summarizes coverage.

SDPB Television broadcasts STATEHOUSE Friday evenings at 8pm CT. 

About the South Dakota Network -

The South Dakota Network is SDPB's service to South Dakota Boards and Commissions, the State Legislature, The Public Utilities Commission, The Unified Judicial System and others that wish to have meetings, conferences, or other events streamed live on the internet. To find contact information and a complete listing of live and upcoming events, visit and click on the 'info' tab.