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Tuesday, February 2, 2016 - 13th Legislative Day
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Announcements: No House Taxation or Senate Education

7:45 AM CT
House Health & Human Services: LRC Agendas & more

House Agriculture & Natural Resources:LRC Agendas & more

8:00 AM CT
Joint Appropriations:  LRC Agendas & more

Senate Judiciary:  LRC Agendas & more

10:00 AM CT
House Local Government: LRC Agendas & more

Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources: LRC  Agendas & more

Senate Commerce & Energy:  LRC Agendas & more

10:15 AM CT
House Transportation: LRC Agendas & more

2:00 PM CT
Senate: Listen Live  | Watch Live  | LRC Agendas & more

House of Representatives:  Listen Live  | Watch Live  |  LRC Agendas & more

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