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Thursday, January 28, 2016 - 12th Legislative Day
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7:45 AM CT
House Taxation:  LRC Agendas & more

House Health & Human Services: LRC Agendas & more

Senate Education:  LRC Agendas & more

House Agriculture & Natural Resources:  LRC Agendas & more

8:00 AM CT
Joint Appropriations :LRC Agendas & more

Senate Judiciary:  LRC Agendas & more

10:00 AM CT
House Local Government:  LRC Agendas & more

House Transportation:  LRC Agendas & more

Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources:  LRC  Agendas & more

Senate Commerce & Energy:  LRC Agendas & more

1:00 PM CT
House of Representatives:  LRC Agendas & more

1:30 PM CT
Senate:  LRC Agendas & more

SDPB Radio Legislative Coverage

Statehouse Podcast: Transgender In Activities And Funding for Hemp

Full House considers bill that prohibits transgender students from playing sports with the gender they identify with....

Statehouse Podcast: Petition Circulators, Gender Dysphoria & Hate Crimes

A House committee continues to push a bill that requires students to participate in activities under sex assigned at...

Statehouse Podcast: Nursing Homes, Presumptive Probation & Early Childhood Education

Appropriations committee is considering increasing payments to nursing home facilities. Senate lawmakers delaying...

Statehouse Podcast: House Passes Hemp Bill, Lawmakers Won't Lift Restrictions on Sex Crimes

A House bill that legalizes the growth, production and processing of industrial hemp is now headed to the Senate...