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Monday, January 25, 2016 - 91st Legislative Session
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Announcements: Joint Appropriations meets at 8:00 AM & 3:00PM

7:45 AM CT

House Education: No Meeting  |  LRC Agendas & more

Senate Local Government: No Meeting |  LRC Agendas & more

8:00 AM CT

Senate Transportation: No Meeting  |  LRC Agendas & more

8:30 am CT

House State Affairs: Listen Live Rm 414  |  LRC Agendas & more

9:00am CT

Joint Appropriations: Listen Live LCR 1  |  LRC Agendas & more

10:00 AM CT
Senate State Affairs: Listen Live Rm 414  |  LRC Agendas & more

House Judiciary: Listen Live Rm 413  |  LRC Agendas & more

Senate Health & Human Services: Listen Live Rm 412  |  LRC  Agendas & more

Senate Taxation: No Meeting  LRC Agendas & more

House Commerce & Energy: Listen Live Rm 464  |  LRC Agendas & more

2:00 PM CT
Senate: LRC Agendas & more

House of Representatives:  LRC Agendas & more

3:00pm CT
Joint Appropriations: Listen Live LCR 1  |  LRC Agendas & more

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