is a service of South Dakota Public Broadcasting. furthers SDPB's commitment to allowing citizens to listen to live and on-demand hearings and floor debate of the South Dakota Legislature, Public Utilities Commission Meetings, other Boards & Commissions, Superme Court Hearings, SDHSAA Campionship events, and many, many more types of events. 

If you are a board secretary and wish to schedule a webcast, refer to your meeting portal for more information.

If you would like to reserve a room and have not done so yet, please contact the room administrator for scheduling information.

Once the room has been reserved please fill out the streaming request form.

After confirmation, please refer to the audio setup document specific to your meeting room.

Capitol Building - Room 412
Capitol Building – Legislative Conference Room 2
DOE - MacKay Building - Library Commons - Audio Setup Instructions
DOT - Becker-Hansen Building – Commission Room - Audio Setup Instructions
Sioux Falls University Center - Room FADM-145
DENR - Foss Building – Matthew Training Center - Audio Setup Instructions
Capitol Building – Room 413
Rapid City University Center - Room UC113
Capitol Building – Room 464
Board of Medical & Osteopathic Examiners - Room 215 - Audio Setup Instructions
Capitol Building – Room 414
Capitol Building – Legislative Conference Room 1
Capitol Building – Room 423